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Hey guys,

Everyone has a story. Everyone is going through a moment in their life that is different from the next person they meet. Especially in the world going on around us today its hard to keep a positive vibe with so much negativity surrounding us. My sister and I are hoping to do our best to help anyone we can, even if its a small amount of people, to change their life for the best.  

Often we wonder what it is that will motivate us to do better. It can be a favorite song with some BOMB lyrics that we relate to, or even a simple book that takes us out of our life and brings into a whole new world (Que Aladdin song ;-))  Whatever it may be, any amount of happiness brought into your day is definitely not going to waste. 

Feel free to message us under the contact section.  We aspire to help and motivate you guys through this journey. We’re all going through different paths, but lets get through this together. 

Love Menat and Rania

4 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. Good luck girls !!
    Im waiting for more posts 🤗
    If you two need anything, im here!
    It’s nice to see people taking the time to help and inspire.
    The world needs more people like You!
    Have a wonderful weekend❤️❤️

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