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Shane Koyczan

If you’re having a bad day and i mean a real bad day when everything seems so impossible, nothing will ever work out how you imagined, and where getting out of bed feels like the LAST thing you ever wanna do. 

Well, first thing is first stay in bed. Get cozy, wear your favorite pajamas and throw on some headphones and be prepared to hear some seriously amazing poetry by no other Shane Koyczan.

My best friend (Shout out to Jackie) showed me this amazing soul when we were on a bus. He spoke and immediately I knew how much I was going to love it. I listen to his work almost everyday and it never fails to speak to me. 

Especially on bad days, which believe me I have had A LOT, there is a little amount of hope that arises in me that makes me think everything will be okay. It made me think that who ever listens to his poetry is most likely intrupting it in a completely different way. Whatever it may be, I hope listening to Shane helps you like it has helped me. Check out his instagram below and leave comments with your favorite poems by him.


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