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Hey guys,

We recently had the opportunity to travel to Egypt and see the pyramids! To be able to experience one of the 7 wonders of the world is breath-taking.  Surprisingly it wasn’t as hot as we thought it would be!  We even got to climb the largest pyramid (which was sooo tiring) The stairs were pretty steep and the further we reached the top, the oxygen levels decreased, which made us pretty dizzy! We ended up taking a break on the stairs as other tourists passed us.  

After, we got to go on the camel! As fun as it was to be able to sit on top of a camel looking at the pyramids, it was pretty scary. You never realize how big a camel is until you’re sitting and they get up. Not only did the camel slowly get up, he got up with his back feet first so we were on an angle looking down

Overall our trip was definitely one we will remember. If you have the chance to travel, definitely take it. Comment below with your experiences!


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