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Daily Quote

Hey guys!

This is has got to be one of my favorite quotes that I have found. I tend to sit and worry about every little thing that comes my way. I still have trouble calming my self down, I try to take deep breaths and just try to focus on something else. Another good method I found is to keep myself occupied in another activity such as go for walk, listen to music or one of my favorites, binge watch friends on Netflix.  

I’m still a work in progress when it comes to trying to stay calm, I try and tell myself to relax and that things will work out how they are meant to be, but sometimes my mind gets the best of me and I go back to worrying and over thinking.

If you guys have any methods that can help try to stay more relaxed please share below.



12 thoughts on “Daily Quote

  1. I do a lot of Tibetan Buddhist chanting. No matter how hard I try, silent meditation doesn’t get my brain to shut up, but focusing on chanting does.

    You posted one of my favorite quotes, btw

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  2. I love this quote and the cartoon Buddha image––he looks so cute (wait…Buddha can be called cute, right? Or is it offensive?😅 )
    For me, I usually relax through music by putting my earbuds in, cranking up the volume, and looping a calming song over and over again until I calm myself down.

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