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How Do You Stay Motivated?


6 thoughts on “How Do You Stay Motivated?

  1. I’ve tried to return to school three times and it never worked out for me. With the help of my therapist, family and friends, I learned sometimes you have to change your goals, and I did and I’m okay.

    I wish the best for you.

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  2. You say you need to get a degree, but are you doing it because society tells you you need one or your goals actually involve getting a degree? I’m graduating with my degree this month and I knew for the past year that I’m not going to pursue my career in my degree. Will it look good on a resume? Yes, but it’s still not going to apply with what I want to do. Knowing this, I’ve had such a hard time staying motivated to finish. I’ve wanted to quit so many times. A good support system and the will to succeed in something helped me stay motivated.

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    1. Honestly i dont even know what it is i want to do yet😕 and im having such a hard time figuring out my passion. So im hoping getting a degree with help me with that. But this is my second time quitting so I don’t even know if it is what i want. Im gald you have a good support system to help you stay motivated!

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      1. You’re not the only one. People all around are stilling trying to figure that out. Just make sure you’re getting a degree for you! Choose something you’re interested in learning more about. It may not be your passion, but you’ll never find what you want to do if you don’t try anything out.

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