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Oh snap

Gooood Morning beautiful people!

Hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday morning!

As most of you know we looovee cats! our current obsession is our not so little kitten Motz, short for mozzarella 😉

I stumbled upon this picture in my camera roll and I love love love it.  These are out cats Motz and Mom Cat! The mom is the one that looks not so thrilled to be dealing with her younger kittens shenanigans. Every time I am bored or there is nothing to do, I always end up looking through my pictures and I always end up smiling. Not only are pictures captured moment, but they are memories that we will always remember. This picture is especially my favorite because it was totally caught off guard. I was just snapping pictures of both of them and Motz just ended up yawning. Made a great picture, so I’m not complaining! 

“Take more pictures storage is unlimited, memories are fleeting and life is short!”

Have a wonderful day!



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