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Good morning!

Hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday! For most of us, Sunday is a day to relax and get ready for the following week. Dreading at times? Yes! But regardless we get up and try to make the best of the day. We love staying home and kind of just catch on some extra sleep (YAY!)

Most of the time it’s usually spent doing laundry, cleaning the house, reading, watching TV and cuddling with motz .  Sounds pretty perfect to me!

We’d love to know how some of you guys spend your Sundays. Comment below


14 thoughts on “Sundaze

  1. In summer I use every free minute at the weekends to go to the pool for swimming and in winter I like to walk around in the nature. Since childhood I spent at least part of the days outdoors.
    Have a nice week and thanks for following sl4lifestyle.
    Greetings from Germany.

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  2. I work every Saturday and Sunday so Monday and Tuesday are my weekends and they always start with a long walk along the beachfront with my dog 🙂 Thanks for visiting my place and I’m happy to be following you both. 🙂

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  3. I was making plans to be a serious third party candidate for this Fall’s election but then I realized that I didn’t have enough money; so I went back to drinking coffee.

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