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Quote of the Day!

Good Morning!

Let’s start today off with some postitivity!

Often we are stuck in the past, thinking about what could of been, how we should of said things or done things different. The truth is, it is in the past for a reason, we either learn from it or let it us back. Today, take whatever it is that is weighing you down use it to your advantage to help you back up. Sometimes, whenever I feel overwhelmed and stressed I take 10 seconds and look in the mirror and take 5 long deep breaths. It may sound so simple but it works! There is beauty in the little things, believe me. In the end it will only be you, so why not take 10 seconds out of your day and make eye contact and let yourself know that, YOU GOT THIS! Inhale slowly and exhale slowly and you will feel just a little bit better.

I start every morning mediating and just taking the time to focus on my breathing. It gets me started and for the rest of the day, I have a positive outlook. I strive to be a positive person, because I truly believe what you put out in the world is what your energy is. If you’re always negative, it will show that you’re unhappy.

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Anyone else have some tips? Drop some in the comments below!

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Just do it!

We all have goals and dreams of what we want for the future. They sound great and would probably be successful, but the problem we all face is that we to set in our ways to actually do it!

“The way to get started is to quit talking and to start doing.” Walt Disney

If we get stuck in our ways then we’ll always wonder what if ?

I can honestly say my dream is to not have to work a 9-5 job 5 days a week and wonder how did my life pass me by? This is something I’m trying to figure out. I’m currently in school to get a degree in respiratory therapy and also trying to save money to start my own business. It all starts with taking a step and never looking back. Consistency is key! Anything will grow if you continue to work for it ! Start today, your future will thank you later !

Love always, MnR

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Key To Happiness

What makes you happy?

I have always read that true happiness lies within you. If you are not happy with yourself how can you be happy towards others. Im constantly searching for something that makes me happy. For a long time, I always depended my happiness off of others. This, I know now, is wrong. From my experience this has become one of the most toxic feelings I have ever experienced. Not having a good day until I speak to someone who makes me happy. I would wait all week even months to say I had a good day because I spoke a certain person. WRONG! I can’t tell you how amazingggg it feels to let this feeling go. If you are going through this now, and feel like you need this person or people to be happy, to smile, to feel good about yourself, know that it will go away and you will fond happiness where it has been all long, and that is YOU! 

This is an issue a close friend of mine is going through as well. She feels as if her life line and everything that makes her happy is her best friend. I try and tell her not to put so much of her happiness in one person. To me that is not okay. That will only put pressure on the person you are basing your “life” on and who knows maybe you will push them away. 

People leave. Not always in a bad way. It can be as simple as growing apart. What happens when that person leaves? Where does your happiness go? Are you going to sit and wait for them to come back? 

It makes me sad to think that people can’t be happy unless it is because of someone. Truth is you can! 

This doesn’t mean that having someone around that makes you happy is wrong, it means that there is so much happiness beyond them. 

The true happiness lies within you, and once you figure out how to make that your priority, you will feel completely new! 

What are your thoughts? Comment below👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽 


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Good morning!

Hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday! For most of us, Sunday is a day to relax and get ready for the following week. Dreading at times? Yes! But regardless we get up and try to make the best of the day. We love staying home and kind of just catch on some extra sleep (YAY!)

Most of the time it’s usually spent doing laundry, cleaning the house, reading, watching TV and cuddling with motz .  Sounds pretty perfect to me!

We’d love to know how some of you guys spend your Sundays. Comment below

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Did You Smile Today?

Hey guys!!

Hope everyone is enjoying their day!

Just a reminder, take some time out of your day to focus on the things that make you feel good! What makes you smile? What do you do to makes others smile?

It is amazing what one facial expression can do to change your mood and other around you.

Do it. Right now. Just smile. For no reason but to feel good. Even on bad days try and crack that smile. You will be amazed by how you end up feeling!

“A journey of a thousand mile BEGINS with a smile.” -Bernard Kelvin Clive 

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Niagara Falls

Hey guys!

This is a little throw back from when we went to Niagara falls back in 2013. We took a mini vacation for out 20 and 21st birthdays in October. (yes! We are exactly a year apart!)  It was only a 6 hour drive, so not that bad, and it was definitely an experience!  Some may not know that the falls border New York state and Canada, but since we were only there for 4 days, we stayed in the states.  We were able to take a boat ride, which took us as close as we could get to the falls without getting completely wet.  To end the trip, our older sister (shout out to Sarah) and her husband surprised us with Ed Sheeran tickets at Madison Square Garden.  Both experiences were unforgettable, and we will always cherish them. Can’t wait to go to the Canada side!  

Have you guys ever been to either side? Comment below and share your experiences!! 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽

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Appreciate the tasty things

Hello beautiful people,

As you all know we love food 😋 especially when its loaded with sugar! 

We made these mini cinnamon buns and they are the tastest little treats we ever made. There is nothing like a warm peice of pastry out of the oven add a  a hot beverage (tea) and you’re pretty much all set for the day! So grab your favorite dessert and kick back for the day and enjoy your self. Put everything on pause and really focus this moment between you and the pastry (hahaa) 

Love Rania and Menat ❤️❤️❤️

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Get in my belly

What is this? What do we have here? Have you ever seen anything more beautiful than this? 

I think not! 

If you guys don’t already know, we love food. We love cooking, baking, and most importantly eating! 😁🤗

Pizza is our beyond favorite food. Sometimes peppers and onions, maybe buffalo chicken and hey, can’t got wrong with just plain cheese!😋

Today’s a day to just kick back and applaud yourself for yet another week done! Call up some friends, go to the movies, or even just relax at home and order/make pizza. I know that is what my sister and I will be doing. 


Rania and Menat

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Positive mind = Positive life

Hey guys,

These are just some tips I try to remind myself each day, to stay positive.  I still have a hard time staying positive when the world around us seems to be falling apart, but I find that if I remind myself everyday about the good, there is still hope. 

  •       Understand that some things come and go
  • Practice curiosity (Don’t be afraid to try something new, even if its something small and simple.)
  • Go outdoors and embrace the beauty in nature (When you open your eyes and truly look around, the world is beautiful)
  • Enjoy your meals (My favorite and hardest thing to do, I tend to eat really fast and am alwaysss the first person done hahaa, but I am really trying to savor the moment and enjoy every flavor because lets face it what’s better than food?)
  • LAUGH, LAUGH, LAUGH (I make myself laugh,so that is really easy for me to do )

Hope this helps, lets us know some of your ideas


Rania and Menat