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Get creative!

Hey guys! Hope everyone is enjoying this nice weather! I’ve been gardening a lot outside and Im trying to find some affordable ways to decorate. So I’ve been on Etsy a lot! I recently found a shop that paints on bricks. I think it’s such a cute idea! I’ve ordered a couple to put around my garden. If you guys are interested, I’ve added the link below.

I’ve been gardening a lot recently. I find it really helps with my anxiety. If I’m just at home not doing anything, I start being fidgety and tend to bit my nails, so I feel like I have to always try and keep myself busy. So for right now, I am adding new plants to my garden and decorating around them. Once the bricks come in I’ll add a couple pictures of how they turned out!

Any ideas on some affordable garden ideas?? Drop some comments below

Love always MnR

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Hey guys,

So do you ever start going on Facebook and watch one of those videos, and boom you just sat through maybe 30 of them?

Yeahhh that happens to me a lot. It kind of addicting when all the video are right after each other. I don’t know whether I want to be a master chef (all those Tasty videos) or go sky diving (damn those amazing people) no matter what I watch I am always inspired one way or another. Today I found a very simple churro recipe that I am going to make now.   But if I’m not baking, I love to read or go to the gym.

What are some of your hobbies? Comment below!