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Quote of the Day!

Good Morning!

Let’s start today off with some postitivity!

Often we are stuck in the past, thinking about what could of been, how we should of said things or done things different. The truth is, it is in the past for a reason, we either learn from it or let it us back. Today, take whatever it is that is weighing you down use it to your advantage to help you back up. Sometimes, whenever I feel overwhelmed and stressed I take 10 seconds and look in the mirror and take 5 long deep breaths. It may sound so simple but it works! There is beauty in the little things, believe me. In the end it will only be you, so why not take 10 seconds out of your day and make eye contact and let yourself know that, YOU GOT THIS! Inhale slowly and exhale slowly and you will feel just a little bit better.

I start every morning mediating and just taking the time to focus on my breathing. It gets me started and for the rest of the day, I have a positive outlook. I strive to be a positive person, because I truly believe what you put out in the world is what your energy is. If you’re always negative, it will show that you’re unhappy.

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Anyone else have some tips? Drop some in the comments below!

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Get creative!

Hey guys! Hope everyone is enjoying this nice weather! I’ve been gardening a lot outside and Im trying to find some affordable ways to decorate. So I’ve been on Etsy a lot! I recently found a shop that paints on bricks. I think it’s such a cute idea! I’ve ordered a couple to put around my garden. If you guys are interested, I’ve added the link below.

I’ve been gardening a lot recently. I find it really helps with my anxiety. If I’m just at home not doing anything, I start being fidgety and tend to bit my nails, so I feel like I have to always try and keep myself busy. So for right now, I am adding new plants to my garden and decorating around them. Once the bricks come in I’ll add a couple pictures of how they turned out!

Any ideas on some affordable garden ideas?? Drop some comments below

Love always MnR

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Key To Happiness

What makes you happy?

I have always read that true happiness lies within you. If you are not happy with yourself how can you be happy towards others. Im constantly searching for something that makes me happy. For a long time, I always depended my happiness off of others. This, I know now, is wrong. From my experience this has become one of the most toxic feelings I have ever experienced. Not having a good day until I speak to someone who makes me happy. I would wait all week even months to say I had a good day because I spoke a certain person. WRONG! I can’t tell you how amazingggg it feels to let this feeling go. If you are going through this now, and feel like you need this person or people to be happy, to smile, to feel good about yourself, know that it will go away and you will fond happiness where it has been all long, and that is YOU! 

This is an issue a close friend of mine is going through as well. She feels as if her life line and everything that makes her happy is her best friend. I try and tell her not to put so much of her happiness in one person. To me that is not okay. That will only put pressure on the person you are basing your “life” on and who knows maybe you will push them away. 

People leave. Not always in a bad way. It can be as simple as growing apart. What happens when that person leaves? Where does your happiness go? Are you going to sit and wait for them to come back? 

It makes me sad to think that people can’t be happy unless it is because of someone. Truth is you can! 

This doesn’t mean that having someone around that makes you happy is wrong, it means that there is so much happiness beyond them. 

The true happiness lies within you, and once you figure out how to make that your priority, you will feel completely new! 

What are your thoughts? Comment below👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽 


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Life’s short, smile while you still have teeth

“Psychologists have found that even if you’re in bad mood, you can instantly lift your spirits by forcing yourself to smile.” source

Smiling has been proven to change your mood, relive stress, boost your immune system and even lower blood pressure.  Even when you’re having a bad day, faking a smile can have the same effects.

When I’m having a bad day, my cat can make me smile no matter what!  I feel like she senses when I’m sad and just comes to me and gives me kisses. (They’re the best!)  Aside from my cat, I find that talking to friends or family can always make me smile, listening to music and being blessed with a roof over my head and food to eat. Once we realize that the small things are truly reasons worth smiling for, we become happier and appreciate life more.


Menat and Rania

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Positive mind = Positive life

Hey guys,

These are just some tips I try to remind myself each day, to stay positive.  I still have a hard time staying positive when the world around us seems to be falling apart, but I find that if I remind myself everyday about the good, there is still hope. 

  •       Understand that some things come and go
  • Practice curiosity (Don’t be afraid to try something new, even if its something small and simple.)
  • Go outdoors and embrace the beauty in nature (When you open your eyes and truly look around, the world is beautiful)
  • Enjoy your meals (My favorite and hardest thing to do, I tend to eat really fast and am alwaysss the first person done hahaa, but I am really trying to savor the moment and enjoy every flavor because lets face it what’s better than food?)
  • LAUGH, LAUGH, LAUGH (I make myself laugh,so that is really easy for me to do )

Hope this helps, lets us know some of your ideas


Rania and Menat

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A Little Bit Of Chakras

Hey guys,

I recently started reading this book because I have just been stressed out lately and my boyfriend originally suggested yoga.  I tried doing yoga but for some reason I just could not get into it.  I didn’t feel like it was helping and I’m just not that flexible.  

So he then told me about the Chakras mediation  and how he had just started doing it and it has really been helping him, so I gave it a try.  The book goes more into detail about Chakras and energy healing.  So, I’ll tell you guys a little bit about it.  There are seven energy points on your body, and each have different Chakra names.  For example, the root Chakra is located at the base of the spine.  And in the book, you focus and each Chakra separately and mediate and essentially “heal” the energy in that area making you feel so much better and relaxed. 

I’ve been mediating more and more and I usually play relaxing music from youtube and spend hours doing it.  I found this extremely helpful and definitely reduced my stress levels.  Anyone who is looking for a stress reliever in any way, I highly recommend reading this book.  Comment below, let me know what you think.  

Love Rania