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Quote of the Day!

Good Morning!

Let’s start today off with some postitivity!

Often we are stuck in the past, thinking about what could of been, how we should of said things or done things different. The truth is, it is in the past for a reason, we either learn from it or let it us back. Today, take whatever it is that is weighing you down use it to your advantage to help you back up. Sometimes, whenever I feel overwhelmed and stressed I take 10 seconds and look in the mirror and take 5 long deep breaths. It may sound so simple but it works! There is beauty in the little things, believe me. In the end it will only be you, so why not take 10 seconds out of your day and make eye contact and let yourself know that, YOU GOT THIS! Inhale slowly and exhale slowly and you will feel just a little bit better.

I start every morning mediating and just taking the time to focus on my breathing. It gets me started and for the rest of the day, I have a positive outlook. I strive to be a positive person, because I truly believe what you put out in the world is what your energy is. If you’re always negative, it will show that you’re unhappy.

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Anyone else have some tips? Drop some in the comments below!

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Why Do You Blog?

My sister and I started blogging about a month ago now, and the main question we get asked is why did we start blogging?  Honestly, we have been going through a tough time and have found that we didn’t want to stay so negative and it has to change within ourselves first.  We came up with the idea to start a blog so we can encourage others that what any of us are going through, it is only temporary.  It may feel impossible, but at the end of the day, staying positive during the toughest times of our lives is what keeps us going.  This blog has helped us feel motivated and we look forward to post and connect with our followers everyday and we hope that it does the same for you.  Your comments really make us feel so much better and we thank you all for following our blog.  It means the world to us. 

We would love to hear why you chose to blog.  Comment below!

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Life’s short, smile while you still have teeth

“Psychologists have found that even if you’re in bad mood, you can instantly lift your spirits by forcing yourself to smile.” source

Smiling has been proven to change your mood, relive stress, boost your immune system and even lower blood pressure.  Even when you’re having a bad day, faking a smile can have the same effects.

When I’m having a bad day, my cat can make me smile no matter what!  I feel like she senses when I’m sad and just comes to me and gives me kisses. (They’re the best!)  Aside from my cat, I find that talking to friends or family can always make me smile, listening to music and being blessed with a roof over my head and food to eat. Once we realize that the small things are truly reasons worth smiling for, we become happier and appreciate life more.


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