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Why Do You Blog?

My sister and I started blogging about a month ago now, and the main question we get asked is why did we start blogging?  Honestly, we have been going through a tough time and have found that we didn’t want to stay so negative and it has to change within ourselves first.  We came up with the idea to start a blog so we can encourage others that what any of us are going through, it is only temporary.  It may feel impossible, but at the end of the day, staying positive during the toughest times of our lives is what keeps us going.  This blog has helped us feel motivated and we look forward to post and connect with our followers everyday and we hope that it does the same for you.  Your comments really make us feel so much better and we thank you all for following our blog.  It means the world to us. 

We would love to hear why you chose to blog.  Comment below!


19 thoughts on “Why Do You Blog?

  1. I began my blog as a platform to introduce my children’s books, per I am an author…but, I am also finding enjoyment in just writing about everyday life & encouraging others with their journey along the way. 🙂

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  2. That’s great. I blog to keep myself accountable. I play a game of trying to make a dinner each week night for at least a year and if I don’t blog about it I notice we start to slip into old habits of eating out too much or the hot dogs and spaghetti trap.

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  3. I think a lot of people can learn through your experiences and try to be positive. I am a fan of your page and would definitely encourage you to keep sharing your message of hope!

    For myself, I choose to blog because I feel like I owe back what I am constantly given: motivation, inspiration, and encouragement. Without them, I would not be where I am now. I feel that in giving that onto someone else, it can make a difference in how they see things. For me, the reward comes in either the form of someone saying thank you, someone being inspired to achieve their goals, or someone simply spreading the message to other people who may need it.

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  4. Hi there! Thank you for following my blog! I am following you right back! 🙂 I started blogging in order to get back into writing. Before my blog, I took a five-year break from writing. I also wanted to start writing in a blog to get freelance writing projects. My blog’s helped me with all of this and so much more. The WordPress community is awesome!

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  5. I’ve been enjoying you and your sister’s posts for a while now, but I’ve been lagging on the commenting part, hehe ^^’ I like what you guys are doing and I’m glad it’s a helpful and hopeful thing for you two and for your audience, that is lovely ❤

    For me, I blog to spread mental health awareness and suicide prevention awareness. I blog about my artwork, recovery, wellness, my dreams, my love of stationary, book reviews and more. I want to share my experiences living with mental health issues and how I've gotten through it in order to give ideas to other people who may be struggling. I've only been here since the end of May this year, but it's been a lovely place and I've met some incredible people who I've really been able to relate too. It's fascinating and lovely and there's such a broad variety in the blogosphere, you can pretty much find something about anything. (Which I find is a nice break from all the heavy mental health stuff at times). 🙂

    Hope you two have a lovely week!! ❤ ❤

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